KPN eDivisie

KPN eDivisie celebrates five-year anniversary

Improved format of the league and the KPN eDivisie Finals to be played during a new gaming event in June

The first match round of the new KPN eDivisie season is planned for November 9th. The league celebrates its five-year anniversary in February 2022. Every Tuesday the 18 Eredivisie clubs battle in a league format on PlayStation 5. The matches can be viewed live on both ESPN, YouTube and Twitch. The KPN eDivisie Finals will be played during a new and massive gaming festival in June 2022. The KPN eDivisie continues to be powered by DreamHack Sports Games.


The upcoming KPN eDivisie season will be renewed. The 18 Eredivisie clubs will play one single season in a single round robin league format, with one match round every

Tuesday. With € 50,000 in prize money, a champions scale and three Global Series Playoff seats up for grabs it will be a better and more spectacular season than ever before.

Through the KPN eDivisie players qualify for the pre-stage of the FIFAe eWorld Cup, the world championship of EA SPORTS FIFA 22.

DreamHack Sports Games: "We are extremely excited to kick off the upcoming season of KPN eDivisie. With the renewed format of the season stretched over an 8 months period where the nation's and some of the world's best FIFA players compete longer and more intensely than ever before, we believe we are launching our most ambitious season yet. Topping that with culminating the final stage of the league as a unique event for all our fans and followers, we proud ourselves in continuing and building on top of the successes that KPN eDivisie enjoyed in early 2020 in Amsterdam, when AFAS Live was packed with roaring FIFA fans celebrating the championship". Sanne Faxøe, Executive Director of eFootball.

Eredivisie CV: “Slowly esports is being accepted more and more in our country. We pride ourselves with being the biggest esports property in the Netherlands, trying to mainstream esports every day. This year we expand our portfolio with two products, which makes the KPN eDivisie something to watch, something to participate in and something you can visit. As soon as we can share more information about this, we will. With these three ‘products’ we expand our footprint and aim to reach the entire Dutch EA SPORTS FIFA scene as well as building our international fan base. This will be a year to remember.” Arnoud Schonis, Project Manager Eredivisie.


The transfer market within the KPN eDivisie has been very active in the recent months. Ajax signed the 27 year old Levy Frederique, who won the European Playoff of the FIFAe eWorld Cup last season. Also the former runner up world champion Stefano Pinna returns to the KPN eDivisie. The 24 year old Belgian has been signed by AZ. SC Cambuur will remarkably start their KPN eDivisie debut with two players that have never played in the league before. One of them, Ata Kansu, was noticed after his performance in the KPN eDivisie Cup in 2019, the amateur league of the KPN eDivisie.


The KPN eDivisie returns at ESPN. Every Tuesday between 6 and 9pm the liveshow, played from the H20 Esports Campus in Amsterdam, is broadcast on ESPN 2 or ESPN 3. The weekly Goal Show is broadcast every Wednesday on ESPN.

All the nine matches per match round are broadcast live on Tuesdays between 1.30 and 9pm on the KPN eDivisie YouTube and Twitch channel.

Matches are commentated by Koen Weijland, Frank van der Slot, Bas van Velzen and others.

In June 2022 the climax of the season is planned: the KPN eDivisie Finals. This is where the champions scale is held, the € 50,000 prize money is divided and the Global Series Playoff seats are awarded. The KPN eDivisie Finals will be part of a huge gaming event. More information will be shared later in the season.

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