Safe and Responsible Play

Since 2023, Unibet has been a partner of the Eredivisie and ESPN. Unibet is part of the Kindred Group, one of the largest online gambling operators globally. Through Unibet Impact, Unibet supports projects related to sports engagement, responsible betting, and the prevention of match-fixing.


Gambling is not without risks. Therefore, Unibet has an advanced player detection system that can identify potential problematic behavior at an early stage, allowing us to intervene. Prevention is indeed better than cure. And with success. We observe that most players (8 out of 10) change their behavior after early intervention. From Kindred Group, the parent company of Unibet, we also invest in research and technology to continually enhance our platform. Additionally, we make our data and methods available for scientific research.

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Sports are the largest entertainment industry globally, enjoyed by billions of people every day. Betting on sports events is fun and exciting, with the unpredictability of sports being crucial to the enjoyment. Fixing a match requires the cooperation of a player, referee, or coach.

Match-fixing poses a serious threat to both sports and the gambling industry. Therefore, Unibet, along with others, is committed to combating match-fixing. Detection and collaboration are key in the fight against match-fixing.


As a digital company, we closely monitor all placed bets. We gather information and develop precise intelligence about suspicious betting patterns. Upon detecting such patterns, we report them without exception to law enforcement authorities, integrity bodies, and, where possible, relevant sports governing bodies.


Through Unibet Impact, our community program, we collaborate with social organizations in the fight against match-fixing. Together with the European Football Development Network (EFDN), we have developed a workshop on the risks of match-fixing. Additionally, as a community partner of the players' union (VVCS), we support the implementation of the Red Button App.

Players are obligated to report to the KNVB if approached by match-fixers, often occurring through accessible means such as social media. It is not always clear for players when and how to make a report. Some players hesitate due to unclear consequences. The Red Button App enables footballers to make an anonymous report when approached.