At, we use technologies that allow us to personalize and improve your online experience. These technologies are called "cookies" in this cookie policy.

This policy provides an explanation of the different types of cookies used on our website and how you can block or allow them. We may change this cookie policy at any time.

You can see when this cookie policy was last revised by the "MOST RECENT REVISION" heading at the top of this page. Changes to this cookie policy will be effective as soon as the revised policy is available on or through our website. All personal information we collect through the use of cookies will be obtained through transparent notice and after obtaining your consent. Where possible, we will provide you with the option to opt out.

We hope that this policy provides you with insight into the cookies we use and that you trust us to implement this policy. Please also review our privacy statement to see how we collect information about you and in what ways. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. Websites can read and write these files, allowing them to recognize you and remember important information. Cookies allow us to improve website functionality and tailor it to your interests and online behavior. This makes it easier for you to use the website (for example, by remembering your user preferences).

What type of cookies do we use?

Below is an overview of the different cookies that may be used on our website:

Relevance cookies These cookies are essential for providing a personalized experience on our website. For example, we can adjust parts of the website based on your club preference. This includes displaying club-related content in our news overview, match schedule, and standings. If you have signed up for one of our newsletters, we can also show you this personalized content by email based on these cookies.

Analytical cookies These cookies collect information about how you and other fans use our website. The insights from this enable us to better operate the website. These cookies tell us which pages of the website are visited most, what the general use looks like, and what issues are encountered.

Analytical cookies on our website:

  • Google Tag Manager (allows for measuring behavior on the website via "Tags" and making it visible in other analytical tools).
  • Google Analytics (provides insights into how the website is visited and used through reports, so that we can optimize the site).
  • Microsoft Clarity (this online behavioral analysis tool helps us understand how users interact with the site so that we can improve the website).

Social Media These cookies make it possible to show you personalized ads through online advertising on platforms such as Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google Ads. When you are logged in to these platforms while visiting our website, website behavior can be recorded. Based on your behavior, we can show personalized ads on these platforms.

Social media cookies on our website:

  • Facebook pixel (this pixel can record website behavior through cookies. This allows advertisements to be tailored to this behavior and their effectiveness to be measured on our website).

External embeds These cookies are used to allow embeds from external platforms and websites to function when loaded on our website. These are social media messages, such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, that you see on our website. Also, when advertisements/promotions from our partners are displayed on the site, they can be loaded from external platforms. Finally, for digital marketing campaigns (such as quizzes and elections), we can integrate embeds from external campaign platforms on our website, for maximum Eredivisie feeling. Accepting cookies for external embeds is never a mandatory condition for participating in our digital marketing campaigns. We will always provide a direct link to the campaign platform so that you can participate from the platform.

How do I manage cookies?

Our website asks for your permission before using cookies. You can always accept or reject cookies on our website: Click here to change your current preferences. In addition, all cookies are automatically deleted when the expiration date has passed. For this, please refer to the individual Privacy Policies of the aforementioned cookies on the websites of the different providers.

You can also choose to delete cookies in your browser (check your browser manual for instructions).

Note: If cookies are disabled, some functions of the website may not work properly.