Eredivisie director Jan de Jong joins the Board of Directors of the European Leagues

Jan de Jong, director of the Eredivisie, was unanimously elected on Friday as a member of the Board of Directors of the European Leagues, the representative organization for European football leagues.

European Leagues

During the general assembly of the European Leagues in Riga, Jan de Jong was nominated to fill the vacant position on the Board of Directors. The European football leagues unanimously approved this nomination.

The European Leagues is the representative organization for 39 national football leagues in Europe, collectively representing over 1,000 clubs across 33 different countries. This European advocacy group focuses on enhancing and safeguarding national leagues to support their clubs in achieving top-level sporting performance.

To achieve this goal, the European Leagues maintains continuous dialogue with organizations like UEFA, FIFA, the European Commission, and other international football stakeholders. Additionally, the organization emphasizes activities such as knowledge sharing between leagues, facilitating joint business opportunities, and resisting the growing pressure on players and national leagues due to an increasingly crowded international match calendar.

"I believe it is crucial for the European Leagues to have a seat at as many negotiation tables as possible. It is only there that we can make a difference in achieving a fairer distribution of funds between the larger and smaller football nations. On behalf of Dutch football as a whole, I am eager to actively contribute to promoting greater solidarity in this regard."
Jan de Jong (Eredivisie CV)

Eredivisie-director Jan de Jong

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