Dutch Eredivisie clubs in unanimous agreement over the outcome of negotiations: ESPN to show Eredivisie football until mid 2030

During the general meeting, Eredivisie CV and the eighteen Eredivisie clubs reached unanimous agreement on the outcome of negotiations regarding the media deal. This means that Eredivisie matches will continue to be shown live on ESPN after 2025.

Over the past year, Eredivisie CV, in cooperation with the advisory group consisting of Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord, PSV, RKC Waalwijk and Vitesse, has been working towards a result that does justice to the value of Dutch professional football, ensures continuity and financial security for the immediate future and provides opportunities to further develop the Eredivisie (Dutch Premier Division) and Eredivisie clubs, both (inter)nationally and commercially.

The outcome of negotiations was put to a vote during the Eredivisie’s general meeting on Tuesday, to which all Eredivisie clubs agreed. This means that Eredivisie matches will continue to be shown live on ESPN after 2025. The various parties will now detail the terms of this agreement in a contract.

The new media deal is a positive outcome for Dutch Football fans, as well as clubs in the Eredivisie, Keuken Kampioen Divisie (Dutch First Division), Azerion Vrouwen Eredivisie (Dutch Women’s Premier Division) and KNVB Beker (Dutch Cup). Each club will receive a substantial increase in revenue. From 2024, all matches in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and Azerion Vrouwen Eredivisie will be broadcast live on ESPN. Eredivisie CV, the football organisation representing the eighteen Eredivisie clubs, will retain Eredivisie sponsorship rights and international media rights.

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