Vitesse is relegated from the Eredivisie after 35 years

The independent licensing committee of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has imposed a sanction of deducting 18 match points from Vitesse. The Arnhem-based club receives this penalty for repeatedly failing to meet the requirements of the licensing regulations over an extended period. As a result of this sanction, Vitesse is officially relegated from the Eredivisie after 35 years. The Arnhem-based club will not appeal against the punishment and seizes the opportunity to retain its license with both hands.

The magnitude of the sanction, according to the licensing committee, is based on the exceptional severity and scale of the violations of the licensing system. This includes, among other things, providing incorrect information that was relevant to the forensic investigation into possible violations of sanction legislation, and withholding information crucial for assessing Vitesse's continuity.

Due to the sanction from the licensing committee, Vitesse has officially been relegated to the Keuken Kampioen Divisie (First Division). With four matches remaining, Vitesse's total points tally stands at minus one. The relegation marks the end of 35 consecutive years of Eredivisie football in Arnhem.

Interim general director Edwin Reijntjes stated, "While this is a dark day for everyone who holds Vitesse dear, it is the harsh reality we face. Such a punishment was indeed inevitable. However, and I want to make this clear to everyone, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to retain our license. This was also hanging by a thread. Yet, in the licensing committee's response, it is evident that there is confidence in the club's new direction. That is what we hold onto as we push forward with full force. As I've said before: Vitesse cannot and must not disappear!"

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