Ruud Kok new chairman of the Eredivisie

Ruud Kok is the new chairman of the Supervisory Board (SB) of the Eredivisie, the football organisation representing the interests of the 18 premier league clubs. The appointment is for a period of three years.

Unanimously elected

The supervisory board, consisting of Manfred Laros (general manager Sparta Rotterdam) and Thijs van Es (general manager FC Utrecht), had formed a selection committee in June to nominate a candidate as independent chairman of the Eredivisie.

After a careful process and interviews with several candidates, Ruud Kok was finally nominated as candidate chairman. At the Meeting of Associates, the premier league clubs unanimously backed the committee's choice. As a result, Ruud Kok has been elected independent chairman of the Eredivisie until 2025 .


The SB welcomes the appointment of Ruud Kok. Manfred Laros: "Ruud has proven expertise on governance within an organisation, including the functioning of a Supervisory Board vis-à-vis the Management Board; he also has the necessary experience as a member of several Supervisory Boards or otherwise. The aforementioned background, combined with his natural interest in the Professional Football industry, is reason for the selection committee, given the current issues and the desired development of and within the Eredivisie, to nominate Ruud as chairman. The day-to-day management of the Eredivisie remains the responsibility of Jan de Jong."

Ruud Kok

Ruud Kok worked for the central government for more than 17 years before moving to PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1995. There he grew to become a member of the management team and was responsible partner of corporate governance at PwC Netherlands. In 2017, Kok moved to Nyenrode Business University, where he worked for five years as director of Board & Governance Programs. Kok also served on various committees. For instance, he was a board member at the Royal Dutch Athletics Union for over nine years (2008-2017) and chairman of the 'Guidelines and Spending Plan Committee Sports Agenda' (CRBS) at NOC*NSF (2013-2017).

The Eredivisie supervisory board now consists of Ruud Kok, Manfred Laros and Thijs van Es. The management of the Eredivisie CV has been in the hands of Jan de Jong since 2020.

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