Khalid Boulahrouz stars in Eredivisie film celebrating the newly won sixth place on UEFA coefficient list

Former Dutch international Khalid Boulahrouz gets his revenge 17 years after the infamous FIFA World Cup clash against Portugal: 'Obrigado Amigos'.

After the results in European matches this week, the Eredivisie has officially swapped spot six on the UEFA coefficient list with Liga Portugal. This means that starting from the 2024/'25 season, not one, but two Eredivisie clubs will receive a direct ticket to the lucrative UEFA Champions League group stage. The number three will also secure a spot for the qualifier rounds of the UEFA Champions League. The rise through the ranks is a remarkable achievement - as the Eredivisie was stuck on 14th place in 2018.

To celebrate the sixth place, the Eredivisie posted a film starring former Dutch international Khalid Boulahrouz (nickname ‘The Cannibal’) immediately after the final whistle; a cheeky nod to the infamous 2006 World Cup clash against Portugal. In that game, Boulahrouz and three other players received a red card, ultimately leading to a win for Portugal. In the film, spots six and seven are symbolically swapped via suitcases in an action movie setting.

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