Highlighted: Eredivisie clubs auction unique items for charity during 'Football Gives Week'

Today marks the start of 'Football Gives Week', an initiative of the Eredivisie CV, the 18 Eredivisie clubs, ESPN and social partner VriendenLoterij (FriendsLottery). The mission is to raise as much money as possible for charity, with several auctions being organised. The proceeds will benefit the clubs' social projects. In addition, supporters will have a free chance to win unique prizes and experiences through a raffle. 'Football Gives Week' lasts until Saturday 9 December.

Positive impact of football

'Football Gives Week' is a powerful moment when all Eredivisie clubs demonstrate their social commitment. It is the first time the clubs have used the signed jerseys worn during playing round 14 for charity. Proceeds from the auctions support the clubs' social projects, and wonderful prizes will be given away free of charge, making it possible for everyone to get their hands on a unique item. These include VIP packages, signed jerseys, and shoes of footballer Guus Til, among others; this is only a glimpse of the unique items and experiences being given away by clubs, by players themselves, by ESPN and by VriendenLoterij (FriendsLottery).

As players, we also have the responsibility to make an impact beyond the field.
Bram van Polen, captain PEC Zwolle.

Bram van Polen, captain PEC Zwolle: "As players, we not only have the privilege of playing in packed stadiums every week, but also the responsibility to make an impact outside the lines. I see at my own club how big and beautiful this impact is on supporters, special groups and on us as players. 'Football Gives Week' provides an opportunity to fully embrace this responsibility and make a difference in society together.''

Social contribution

Football has demonstrably positive effects on society. Recent research by Utrecht University (2023) shows that social projects of the Eredivisie and the clubs contribute to social cohesion, personal development and health promotion. In the 2022/'23 season, the Eredivisie and its clubs showed strong growth in social impact, with 168 projects and more than 110,000 Dutch people involved. Supporting this growth was an investment of over €5.5 million, almost €1 million more than the previous season. Both the budget and the number of projects increased (from 153 to 168) and the number of participants grew by almost 20,000 compared to the previous year.

The Eredivisie and its clubs give people that little push they sometimes need.
Jan de Jong, director Eredivisie CV

Jan de Jong, director Eredivisie CV: "Professional football in the Netherlands scores inside and outside the pitch. We create lasting memories and believe it's equally important to help where we can, to make life a little more enjoyable. The Eredivisie and its clubs give people that little push they sometimes need. That strength is what makes football so unique!"

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