European Leagues strengthen their administration, Jacco Swart recruited as Managing Director

European Leagues decided at their Board of Directors meeting in Paris, on 21 February, to invest in their administrative capacity to meet the future challenges in European professional club football. The board decided to recruit Jacco Swart, currently CEO of the Dutch Eredivisie and Chairman of the European Leagues Strategic Committee on Football Matters, to its administration. Jacco is available full time for the European Leagues from 1 June 2019.

The Board´s decision has been taken to face the challenges ahead and to lead the European Leagues into a stronger future position whenever decisions are made concerning professional club football in Europe.

“I am very pleased that we could convince Jacco to join our administration. He brings a wealth of experience from his work in Dutch football over the last 22 years where he has had different positions in clubs, the Dutch FA and in the Eredivisie. Jacco has also been one of the driving persons in developing the European Leagues new strategy and very active in getting member leagues and their clubs to support the ambitions of our organisation.”

He is also a member of the UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC) and has been active as one of the European members in the World Leagues Forum. I have great expectations on what Jacco can deliver for the European Leagues in the future.” – said Lars-Christer Olsson, President of the European Leagues.

Jacco Swart is excited about his new role

“I look forward to my new position at the European Leagues, to work together with the Member Leagues, the staff and the Board to create a bright future for our domestic club competitions. I fully endorse and support the objectives and principles the European Leagues stand for. I truly believe that competitive domestic competitions are fundamental for the growth and success of football, both today and in the future. This is to give all fans of more than 950 clubs in the domestic competitions, represented by the European Leagues, the opportunity to see their favourite teams perform in attractive and unpredictable matches.”

“I will use all the experience I have gained in football so far, to achieve the ambitions for the European Leagues and its members, and I do thank the Board of Directors for giving their trust to me” - said Jacco Swart, CEO of the Dutch Eredivisie.

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