Eredivisie CV opposes strechting South American international match period

The Dutch Eredivisie CV is against stretching the upcoming two international match periods, adding two more days for the South American countries. FIFA decided to implement this change despite World League Forum (WLF), European Leagues (EL) and European Club Association (ECA) objecting to the matter. The beforementioned parties were willing to cooperate by accepting adding one single day.

Jan de Jong, director of the Eredivisie: “Because of the one-sided extension decided by FIFA there is a risk players are unable to play in the Eredivisie due to physical or logistical issues. That situation cannot be supported. We are always willing to be constructive and cooperative. Of course we are aware of the importance of international football, but in this case clubs cannot use their players in the national league. The players are physically tired or are not able to return back to the Netherlands in time to play their club’s Eredivisie match. This has an effect on the sportive balance, and also on the value of the Dutch Eredivisie. That cannot be the case. Therefore, we support clubs that are not willing to release their players.”

Through this, the Eredivisie CV supports the position of LaLiga (Spain), Premier League (England), other European football leagues and overarching bodies WLF, EL and ECA.

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