Eredivisie CV bolstered with Bas Raemakers as Head of International Commerce & Strategy

Bas Raemakers joins the Eredivisie CV as Head of International Commerce & Strategy. The 37-year-old from Schiedam is currently working as Partnerships Manager at Feyenoord and will make the move to Zeist on 1 April 2022.

Jan de Jong, CEO of Eredivisie CV, is excited about the appointment of Bas Raemakers: ,,We are excited about Bas' arrival and are looking forward to a great collaboration. Eredivisie is at a point where various opportunities and challenges are emerging: a new media contract, foreign sales, the NL League, the ambition to become the sixth league in Europe and the desire to grow significantly in both sport and commerce. We set out to find a capable candidate who would help us set the right course and make the right choices, in close consultation with the eighteen Eredivisie clubs. Bas Raemakers will contribute extensive knowledge, skill and experience that other clubs can now also benefit from. He is a highly valued colleague within our field and has a strong track record at Feyenoord."

,,First and foremost, he will play an important role in the international positioning of Dutch football, which is one of the projects that deserves extra attention in the near future. At the same time and in consultation with the clubs, we will determine which other themes will be the focus of our attention in the coming years, in addition to the realisation of the NL League. Bearing in mind the timeframe towards the end of the current media deal (2025, ed.), we are aware that we will have to face important commercial challenges in the coming years. From that perspective, his arrival is a very welcome strengthening of and for our organisation", said De Jong.

Bas Raemakers, who will join the team as Head of International Commerce & Strategy, on his transfer: ,,I have had eleven wonderful years at Feyenoord and would like to thank my colleagues in Rotterdam for the opportunities they have given me over the years. It has been a great time. Because of my role at Feyenoord, I know the Eredivisie organisation and the fellow clubs. I am looking forward to contributing to the growth of Dutch football from a central role. During recent discussions, my enthusiasm for these opportunities has only grown and I am delighted with the trust that Eredivisie has placed in me."

,,There are several topics that require attention, including the international positioning of the Eredivisie. In consultation with the clubs, we will decide what we will focus on, such as long-term stadium occupancy, knowledge sharing within the league and new commercial developments. My ambition is to provide added value for the clubs in these matters and to achieve the desired commercial growth."

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