Eredivisie clubs achieve success with 'Football Gives Week': proceeds amount to 86,711 euros

The Eredivisie CV, along with the eighteen Eredivisie clubs, ESPN, and social partner VriendenLoterij, has raised a gross amount of 86,711 euros for charity in just one week during the 'Football Gives Week.' This monetary sum was generated through various auctions, with the match-worn shirts of Kenneth Taylor (AFC Ajax) and Santiago Giménez (Feyenoord Rotterdam) receiving the highest bids, both at €2,100 each.

The auctions of match-worn shirts, including those of Ayase Ueda (Feyenoord Rotterdam - €1,249), Jorrel Hato (AFC Ajax - €1,450), Andries Noppert (sc Heerenveen - €1,000), Luuk de Jong (PSV Eindhoven - €1,000), and Jochem Ritmeester van de Kamp (Almere City FC - €725), were also successful. In total, there were 2,111 bids from 27 different countries. It was the first time in thirteen years that clubs collectively utilized match-worn and signed shirts from a round for the benefit of their social projects. The proceeds will support projects aimed at getting people active, guiding them towards employment, or assisting young people in their personal development

The match-worn shirts of Kenneth Taylor and Santiago Giménez received the highest bids, both at €2,100 each

Positive Impact

The 'Football Gives Week' is a significant moment where Eredivisie clubs celebrate the positive impact of football and where sports and societal impact come together. Aukje Geubbels, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Eredivisie CV, is proud of this engagement: "We want to thank all the fans of our football who participated in bidding on the auction items. With the proceeds, we can, together with the clubs, make a difference by giving a helping hand to those in need. Together, we create an impact that goes beyond what words can describe.

CSR impact

Recent research from the University of Utrecht (2023) indicates that the societal projects of the Eredivisie (clubs) significantly contribute to social cohesion, personal development, and health promotion. In the 2022/’23 season, the Eredivisie and its clubs demonstrated a strong growth in societal impact, implementing 168 projects and involving over 110,000 Dutch citizens. An investment of over 5.5 million euros, almost 1 million more than the previous season, supported this growth. Both the budget and the number of projects increased, rising from 153 to 168. The number of participants grew by almost 20,000 compared to the previous year.

For detailed information about the auction and achieved proceeds, visit eredivisie.nl/voetbalgeeft

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