Discover 65 years of the Eredivisie

The Eredivisie is celebrating its anniversary and 'Discover the Eredivisie' will be launched on 29 November to mark the occassion. A tribute to 65 years of the Eredivisie, in cooperation with main sponsor KPN, the clubs, ESPN and SANTOS Magazine. Fans can search through the Eredivisie on, a docuseries and a football travel guide.

Over a period of 65 years, a total of 54 former and current clubs from 34 cities have made the Eredivisie what it is today. There have been countless great moments, many heroes, memories, brilliant stories, and the Eredivisie is still going strong today, for young and old alike. This is exactly why the Eredivisie wants to show exactly what the Eredivisie means to the Netherlands at about 250 locations, from Leeuwarden to Maastricht and from The Hague to Enschede.

Visitors can take a trip by city to the stadiums, statues, pubs, squares, birth houses and other special spots for the clubs at All of it comes with fun facts, anecdotes and images. These places only really come to life when you visit them in person, however. Anyone can use their mobile phone to map out a route that will take them past the sites of their favourite club. Each spot has a unique pennant attached to it, which can be redeemed when you pay it a visit. Visitors who have visited all the spots of their favourite club stand a chance to win great prizes.

Documentary series

A special documentary series, titled 'Discover the Eredivisie', will be broadcast on ESPN from 22 November. Every week, presenter and football journalist Sjoerd Mossou will take viewers through the football cities of the Netherlands in a new episode. Special locations, anecdotes and the football culture of the Netherlands. A spotlight on the places where our football clubs are most deeply rooted. The first episode features Feyenoord and was broadcasted on 22 November.

Football magazine SANTOS also produced 'The Dutch Football Travel Guide' as part of Discover the Eredivisie, which will be available in shops from 23 November. The special locations of clubs, anecdotes and other stories will also be highlighted here.

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