Every year, the Friends Lottery organises the Prize Marathon. In this annual campaign, the Friends Lottery and the Eredivisie clubs join forces to dedicate themselves to a specific charity during a game round.

2020 - Together for all children

An upcoming birthday, a school trip, the St. Nicholas holiday or going to the sports club – these are things children look forward to for days. But one in 12 children in the Netherlands lies awake at night because they don’t celebrate such events at home or can’t participate because there’s no money at home. Samen voor alle kinderen (Together for All Children), a cooperation of Leergeld Nederland (Tuition Fees Netherlands), Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp (National Children’s Aid Foundation), Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur (Youth Foundation for Sports and Culture) and Stichting Jarige Job (Birthday Boy/Girl Foundation), is there for the children who grow up in poverty in the Netherlands. This is a great initiative, which was highlighted during the fifth round of games in October 2020 through speeches in the stadiums, experience experts in Eredivisie programmes and the background singing of club and stadium songs by children during live broadcasts. Money was also raised during the Friends Lottery Bingo campaign.

2019 - One against Loneliness

During the ‘Week against Loneliness’, attention was drawn to the growing problem of loneliness among the elderly in a playful manner. Together with Eredivisie partner KPN, senior citizens made their appearance as player escorts during the Eredivisie social round. It showed how important and fun it is to keep moving in order to prevent loneliness. Also, during the Friends Lottery Prize Marathon money was collected to remove barriers for the elderly and to help as many as possible to have weekly social contact.

2018 - Focus on metabolic diseases

During game round 6 in September 2018, all teams ensured sufficient visibility for Metakids. A Metakids balloon was paraded on the field during the Eredivisie matches, but it was also seen during television broadcasts through digital advertising. Six academic hospitals have joined forces in the fight against metabolic diseases, and Metakids and the Friends Lottery support this initiative by donating half of the proceeds of the Prize Marathon to the Metakids project.

2017 - The forgotten child

Dutch children are among the happiest in the world. Yet over 100,000 of them are not safe at home. They are neglected or mistreated and have an unsafe or unstable home. This is not how a life should begin. Game round 3 of the 2017/18 season was therefore dedicated to the Forgotten Child. The Eredivisie teams contributed by wearing special sleeve badges, but also by literally putting ‘the Forgotten Child’ on the front of the stage. ‘Together we put the Forgotten Child first’ was the slogan that was also displayed on the LED boardings. Almost €1.3 million were raised thanks to this campaign.